How to Become a Personal Trainer: The Basics Explained

Personal trainers help to encourage, guide and educate people of all types to become healthier and stronger versions of themselves. Personal training is one of the fastest-growing professions in the health and fitness industry.

Do you have what it takes to motivate and help others? This could be the career for you. Let’s take a closer look at how to become a personal trainer. 

Pinpoint Your Passions

As with any career decision, you want to first make sure that you have a passion and desire for the field you are about to enter into.

Talk to some trains who are already in the business or some that have retired or quit. They may be able to offer an interesting perspective on what they like about the job and even some things that they don’t like.

Getting an experienced trainer’s point of view will give you insight from someone who has been in the business and can tell you things that you may not have learned in class, or thought about being part of becoming a personal trainer.

Obtain a Certificate

The level of your certification depends on how long you want the program to be, how much you want to spend on it, and how detailed you would like your training to be. There is also the option of online training or in-person certification programs.

Do you want to have a science-based certificate or a general certificate? Programs will start in the several hundred dollar range, and take about 4 weeks to complete.

Purchase Insurance

Professional personal trainer insurance will show your clients and your employer that you take things seriously, and want to protect both your client and yourself during training sessions. APOLLO personal training insurance is something that you will need if you will be the owner/operator of a personal training business.

Leading by Example

Although it is not a requirement for being a personal trainer, the best way to show your clients how to lead a healthy lifestyle is by doing so yourself. Eating healthy, and working out regularly is an unwritten rule of being a personal trainer.

No one wants a trainer who eats an unhealthy diet because they won’t understand how tough it is to shop, prep, and cook nutritious meals nor will they understand how to resist temptations. And, if you don’t work out how will you know what the best body mechanics are to use, how soreness and recovery feel, or what it takes to lose weight and gain muscle?

Offer a Free Training Session

Once you have completed your personal training certificate program, it might be a good idea to offer a free session to a few of your friends to test out your skills and to find your style before applying for jobs or taking paid clients.

Now for the hard part, finding your loyal clients to train. Those free training sessions will kick start your search and let people know where they can find the best personal trainer in their area.

Learn How to Become a Personal Trainer

Signing up for a course on how to become a personal trainer is one click away. Taking a course, staying healthy yourself, getting insured, and gaining clients is an easy goal to achieve.

Learn more about business and personal growth by checking out our other posts.

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