Plastic Folding Tables: What Are the Options

Do you have a wedding or even a funeral coming up? You will want to plan to seat everyone and maybe even have a few extra spaces available as well. Chairs are necessary, but so are plastic folding tables. 

However, you feel skeptical: you want a small plastic folding table that doesn’t look too casual for your event. 

You have a lot of choices to choose from. Here are your options for plastic folding tables when your event rolls around. 

Rectangular and Square Tables

Depending on your event, you may want to go with rectangular or square folding tables. The great thing about these choices is that you can use them inside or outside. 

These tables are also convenient because they don’t have to be solitary: you can push them together on both their short and long ends to achieve a bigger table space for attendees. 

If you have an event where you expect many people to come, try a rectangular or square table set-up. 

Round Plastic Folding Tables

Round plastic folding tables are also a fantastic option when it comes to a good white plastic folding table for your event. Check out these plastic folding tables to get an idea of what you want to purchase or rent for your event. 

The great thing about round tables is that you can seat a group of people together and they can all see each other. There is a more centralized flow of conversation than there would be at a rectangular or square table. 

For wedding receptions or a graduation party, round plastic folding tables are a great option. You could also look at oval tables too, which offer the same benefits as a round table. 

Quarter Round Plastic Folding Tables

Do you have a table that runs into the corner? It could be a great place to showcase food on or round out the end of a rectangular table. This is where the quarter-round plastic folding tables come in. 

While it is a small plastic folding table, you can utilize it in a variety of different ways to accommodate your guests. Whether that is to help round out the ends of a rectangular table or to place a table of food in the corner of a buffet line, the quarter-round folding table comes in clutch. 

Why Plastic Folding Tables Are Most Convenient

Plastic folding tables are convenient because they are not that heavy and are also portable. This means your “put up” and “tear down” times are efficient and quick. 

If you have an event with many people in attendance, you don’t want to spend too much time putting it together and tearing it down. 

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