How to Turn Your Beaded Jewelry Hobby into a Profitable Business

People have been making jewelry using beads for tens of thousands of years. It remains to this day one of the most popular methods to making someone’s favorite bracelet, necklace, and other types of beaded jewelry. 

You may have gotten started making beaded jewelry as a hobby to do in your spare time. But if people in your life have been wondering where they can buy one or you feel your skills have gotten advanced enough, it may be time to consider creating a beaded jewelry business.

How do you get from hobby to business? What does it take? Read on to find out. 

Develop Your Branding

While your jewelry may look appealing, what will make your target customers want to buy them are if they know the mission, voice, and brand story behind its production. If customers are able to relate to your products on an emotional level, such as if they help support an important cause or are made out of recyclable materials, then they will be more willing to hit the “buy now” button.

Invest in Jewelry Making Tools

You may have gotten started making jewelry with only your eyes and hands, but you may have noticed that it might take you a while to finish a piece of jewelry or make it hard to attach a bead. Thus, getting jewelry-making tools can help you save time and money. Some of the most useful tools are wirecutters, embroidery scissors, and bead stoppers. 

Once you get these beading tools, making beaded jewelry will get much easier and save you a lot of time that would have been wasted otherwise. You will also have a more professional touch than other competitors.

Choose an Online Platform to Host Your Store

One of the best ways to sell your handmade jewelry is by opening a shop online, which will help with exposure. Sites like Squarespace or Wix allow the user to make their own website that they can customize and apply their needs to. 

Another great path to choose if you do not want to create your own website is becoming an Etsy seller. Starting a shop on Etsy is easy to set up and has provided many jewelry businesses the opportunity to make a profit on their work. Other sites that may be appealing to you as an online shop owner and jewelry seller is Shopify, Amazon, or eBay.

Turn Your Beaded Jewelry Hobby into a Business

Making beaded jewelry can easily turn from a hobby that you do in your spare time to becoming a successful business that brings in a lot of money for you. If you use the tips listed above, your handmade jewelry business can go from getting a start to potential stardom amongst other jewelry sellers.

Why not try it out and see for yourself how successful it’ll become?

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