The Importance of Drug Testing Employees

The number of American employees testing positive for drugs has risen by 4.9% in the last year, which shows it’s an ongoing problem.

Drug testing is crucial for businesses to protect themselves and their clients. Perhaps you’ve heard about random testing, but you’re not sure whether it’s right for your company.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s why drug testing employees is important.


The most obvious reason your employees should undergo a DOT exam is to improve your team’s safety. If your team is under the influence, then it will increase the number of accidents in the workplace, especially if they’re operating machinery.

Further, employees who have an accident when they’re on drugs are five times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim, which will cost you a fortune. 

Reduces Employee Turnover 

“Why drug test?” You ask.

Know that businesses with drug-taking employees experience a higher turnover rate compared to those with sober ones. Aside from the time it takes to re-hire a new team, you must pay for recruiting new candidates, conducting interviews, and the onboarding process. This highlights the importance of drug testing employees. 

Leads to a Happier Workplace 

One of the most important reasons to drug test employees is to create a happier work environment. Employees deserve a workplace where they feel safe and happy, which is difficult if team members are under the influence on the job.

Further, this will decrease morale, and clean employees won’t want to achieve your business’s objectives unless they’re assured everyone is sober at work. 

Decreases Drug Use 

Another reason to conduct regular employment drug testing is that it decreases drug use. This is because employees don’t want to risk their jobs, so they won’t be enticed to take drugs. 

Random drug tests are the best way to eliminate drug-taking and it will out any employees who do.

Know the Different Types of Testing

Unfamiliar with the different types of drug testing?

The most popular test is a urinalysis (UA) as it detects non-psychoactive drugs in the urine for around two weeks. But savvy employees can find ways to thwart the system, such as asking a clean employee to provide a sample for them.

Another option is a regular blood test, although it’s far more invasive. This detects most drugs in the bloodstream but can only pick up drugs if it’s recent. 

Or business owners can conduct saliva tests as these are accurate too. A major bonus is these are cost-effective and easy to use, so you can see which employees are under the influence. 

Benefits of Drug Testing Employees

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know why drug testing employees is important. 

Drug testing is key to protecting your employees, reducing the turnover rate, and leading to a happier workplace. It will also decrease drug use so you’re assured that your team is clean. Good luck! 

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