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The Remarkable Things Dubai has to offer.

Dubai is a city of luxurious architecture, innovation and one of the most prominent tourist centers in the world. State-of-the-art hotels, luxury shopping, endless beaches designed so that vacationers feel comfortable even in the heat of summer – far from all that the resplendent emirate has to offer. Today we are going to introduce you to the other side of Dubai with new entertainment options. Knowing about this “secret” side of the city, you can save on vacation and souvenirs.

Free hen parties

Once a week, Dubai clubs allow women to have fun on the premises for free. Knowing when and where the all-inclusive days go, the girls gather to chat and drink complimentary cocktails. For example, ladies can arrange such a rest in the bars of the Westin Hotel on Tuesdays. Here you can drink up to three glasses of red, white wine or champagne without paying a dirham.

50% discount coupons for all Dubai attractions

Holidays in the UAE will be cheaper if you stock up on special discount coupons. This way you can avoid half of the costs in an expensive city. Almost every bookstore in Dubai sells the Entertainer Family – two paper volumes with coupons. They operate on most of the water parks, restaurants, malls and other entertainment in the city. In establishments covered by the Entertainer network, discounts allow you to save up to 50% of the cost. So, in a restaurant with a coupon from a bookstore, you can order hot dishes for yourself and your soul mate, but only one of the dishes will be included in your bill, and your orders do not have to be the same. Since there are three coupons from each institution in the book, you will only have to pay for three in a company of six people.

Other half price services include Ski Dubai, water parks at Atlantis the Palm, safaris, fishing and more.

Panoramic metro

There are no legends about the Dubai metro. More than $ 7 billion was spent on constructing the subway in the city, which helped create a masterpiece of architectural art. The train network resembles footage from a movie about the city of the future: an ultra-modern interior and exterior, comfortable coaches, an intelligent card payment system.

The cost of the pass directly depends on the travel distance and the class of the car. There are standard sections, carriages for women with small children, and a zone for holders of the “gold card”. This is precisely what is advised to buy for those who want to enjoy the city’s best panoramas. The first-class zone is at the beginning of the train. There is no driver, and it is often sparsely crowded, which allows you to freely take pictures and explore Dubai right from the train window.

Manicure + pedicure at the same time

At Dubai beauty salons that provide manicure and pedicure services, you can quickly get your hands and feet in shape. In such establishments, it is customary to paint your fingernails and steam your feet simultaneously – two masters work with you at once, for which you will end up paying about $ 40. Do not be surprised if you are also offered eyebrow correction. So, having spent only an hour and a half, you will carry out all the beauty procedures, and you can spend the saved time on the beach or walking through the numerous shopping centers.

Breakfast for dinner, or where to eat if you are nocturnal?

For many, the concept of “rest” excludes any mention of early waking up and being in a bad mood about it. So where to have breakfast for “owls” who love pancakes and fresh coffee? Springs’ Shakespeare Restaurant prepares morning meals all day long! Although this place was chosen by taxi drivers of the city, “mere mortals” are welcome. At Shakespeare for $ 15, you can enjoy Continental, English, Lebanese, or “healthy” breakfast even in the evening!

Pro-tip: getting around is relatively easy even if you don’t take the subway. You can rent a car, book an Uber, or call a taxi. However, if you own a vehicle, ensure that it is equipped with the corresponding tyres. For example, suppose you own an SUV – select the tyres from a list of “best SUV tyres“.

Inexpensive vintage shopping

Only avid tourists know about the Bamba store with vintage items. Located on Jumeirah Beach Road, it provides a wide range of apparel and footwear from $ 70. You can even find classic pieces from the 20s here! Each visitor is greeted by the owners with homemade flatbreads and homemade pink lemonade.

Pool cinema

Open-air cinemas are no longer a surprise. Therefore, in Dubai, they came up with the idea of ​​showing films for viewers who do not want to part with the pool under any circumstances. On Sundays, poolside film screenings are hosted at the Address Hotel’s Cabana Restaurant. For $ 27, you can not only watch a movie but also taste the numerous snacks and drinks offered by the organizers of unusual leisure activities.

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