Delve Deep Into The Graciousness Of Pure Water

Ever wondered how pure water boosts up your overall health? If not, do it now. To maintain a healthy body and sound mind, you should be having proper knowledge of the things you are intaking. Water is one of the most pivotal elements that any living being consumes for existing in this mortal world. With the increased pollution level, more and more people are getting aware of water purifiers. The market is getting flooded with multiple variants of water purifiers, and it is very important to have the right knowledge regarding the available options. But there are a few small groups of people who continuously ask is RO water harmful? So we’d love to mention that water treated by RO water is completely safe for consumption.

The general idea about polluted water is the presence of germs in it. Diseases like loose motion or cholera could be treated with proper medication. But the main concern lies somewhere else. With the advent of industrialization and urbanization, the water became contaminated with more harmful heavy metal chemicals like Arsenic and many more chemicals that could be fatal to human existence. Therefore, it is crucial to identify them on time to avoid unwanted problems. As rightly said, prevention is better than cure, so hurry up and buy the suitable RO purifier today.

Understanding The Gravity Of The Situation

We are living in an era where water pollution is inevitable. On the contrary, consumption of pure water is equally relevant for surviving. Unfortunately, there are many regions where access to clean water is not available, and people of such regions have to rely on groundwater or tanker water. Water quality from such unreliable sources might have a high amount of pesticides, bacteria, and Total Dissolved Solids or TDS, which is ultimately harmful to human health in the long run. Therefore, water purifiers are becoming a necessity for every household.

Types Of Purifiers Available In The Market

The demand for water purifiers has increased over a decade, and we can find out various options available in the market. Before choosing the right option for your home, you can have a look at the types of purifiers available. It will help you make an informed decision for better results. Further, we will be discussing the RO UV UF TDS water purifiers in detail.  Expanding the abbreviation would look like Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet, Ultra Filteration, Total Dissolved Solids; these are some of the advancements of the technology which purifies the water on many levels.

  1. RO water purifiers: These purifiers work on electricity. It blocks and eliminates available germs and viruses from the water and provides you with clean drinkable water. With the nanotechnology of the membrane, it can remove dissolved solids. Apart from that, its pre-filtration technology works efficiently with dirty water. The process removes arsenic, lead, chlorine, nitrates, sulfates, and fluoride and gives you pure water. It is ideal for the purification of hard water. RO water purifier improves the taste and eliminates the odor of water by removing the elements causing unwanted taste and smell. It is one of the safe, pocket-friendly, and easy-to-maintain investments.
  2. UV water purifiers: This is an environment-friendly technology that avoids using any chemicals in the process of purification. It works on basic electricity by eradicating germs, including viruses. A UV water purifier can work with the pressure from normal tap water. The Ultraviolet lamp kills the germs, but their physical presence remains in the water. For better performance, the Ultra Violet lights have to travel through the water, and for that, the water should be clear enough to avoid any blockage of the UV rays. You should regularly check the UV bulb to avoid any algae or dirt deposits. The formation of algae might impact the proper functioning of the UV bulb. These purifiers are ideal for low TDS water like river water, lake water.
  3. UF water purifiers: UF or Ultra Filteration Water purifiers works absolutely without electricity and filter out any disease-causing germs, including the smallest viruses. The UF membrane is similar to the RO membrane in many ways; the only difference is that it cannot remove dissolved salts of the hard water. Therefore, it is ideal for places with low chemical contamination as it can block germs like bacteria and viruses.

Why Check The TDS Level?

Before we move ahead with the relevance of ‘Why,’ let us have a brief look at TDS, Total Dissolved Solids are the measurement of all the organic and inorganic substances dissolved in water. Certain minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium in moderation are healthy. What’s not healthy is the abundance of them. This is why you should be aware of the healthy levels of TDS, and with RO UV UF TDS water purifiers, you will have a better idea of TDS levels. Many esteemed organizations have researched into the matter and have set the healthy levels of TDS in drinkable water to 50-150. Anything above that is an unhealthy source of water.


Last but not least, let us understand the importance of pure water and how it greatly impacts our health. Before choosing the best purifier for your home, go ahead and get your tap water checked to have a rough knowledge about the hardness and TDS levels. Depending on source water quality, you can choose the purifier best suited for your home. You can find a variety of purifier options available online. Research well and go ahead with purchasing a magical device for your family and its health.

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