5 Awesome Benefits of a Regular Dental Checkup for Your Teeth

According to the CDC, only about 65% of all adults saw a dentist in the last year, compared to about 85% of children. Why such a big discrepancy?

Adults may have many reasons they’re skipping their yearly dental check-ups. Maybe they had a bad experience in the past. Maybe they think their teeth seem fine. Maybe they’re just plain too busy.

Have you been to the dentist for a check-up recently? If not, you may want to reconsider making that appointment.

Below you’ll find 5 awesome benefits of a dental check-up.

1. Prevent Future Issues

When you go to the dentist for a regular dental check-up, there are several things they will do that can help prevent issues in the future.

Your dentist will check on your gums, looking for gum disease, also known as periodontitis. This is a condition that can spread to other organs, so it’s a good idea to have a periodic check.

Did you know that not all cavities cause pain? You can have a cavity and not even know it. It’s a good idea to have your dentist check your teeth for cavities. Unchecked cavities can start to infect not just your tooth, but your bloodstream.

Finally, your dentist will check for plaque and tartar to make sure they don’t build up and cause gum disease. They will also check to see if you are at a risk for oral cancer. This is something you want to keep on top of.

2. Learn Proper Dental Hygiene

When you visit your dentist’s office, you may meet with the dental hygenist to have a thorough cleaning. Did you know that you can also discuss proper dental hygiene at this visit?

Perhaps you want tips on brushing or flossing. The dentist or dental hygenist can show you proper techniques. They can also advise you on how often to brush and floss to keep your mouth and teeth in tip-top shape.

3. Avoid Tooth Loss

Losing teeth can be painful, expensive, and disheartening. Tooth extraction can mean weeks of uncomfortable recovery. There will be follow-up appointments to create implants or bridges, and the costs may pile up. It can be demoralizing to lose a tooth, especially if it was preventable.

Seeing your dentist for regular check-ups can help to catch any issues which may, down the line, cause the removal of a tooth.

4. Help With Related Issues

Do you have persistent headaches? Did you know those might be related to grinding your teeth in your sleep? Do you have sleep apnea? These conditions can be alleviated by a trip to the dentist. You can be fitted with a mouthguard that can keep you from grinding your teeth and open your airway for better breathing at night.

5. Improving Your Self-Esteem

Getting your teeth clean and knowing you’re doing the best for your oral health is something to smile about! Smiling at someone can make their day—and you’ll feel good, too.

If you find you need whitening treatments or braces to straighten your teeth, that’s something a dentist can help you with. Making sure you are taking the best care of your teeth will make you feel better about yourself overall.

Need information on what whitening is all about? Find out more.

Schedule That Dental Check-Up!

Has it been a while since you last had a dental check-up? Don’t wait any longer to reap benefits like the ones above. Call your dentist or find a new one and have your teeth checked today!

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