5 Ways a Small Business Can Build Brand Awareness

About 89% of marketers cite brand awareness as their top marketing goal. What is brand awareness? It’s the level of recognition people have of your business.

Consumers might remember a tagline, logo, or business name. They usually need a little prompting to remember your company, though.

Getting people to remember your business without prompting is the essence of brand awareness. As a marketer or business owner, you need to figure out how to build brand awareness.

When people are ready to order a product or service, they’ll remember your company and place an order. You don’t want them to go elsewhere and remember your business after the fact.

Read on to learn how you can build brand awareness.

1. Home in on Your Brand

What does your brand stand for? What do you want people to remember about your business? That’s the essence of your brand.

You’ll be able to create marketing messages around your brand. You’ll be able to marry your messages with the needs of your target audience.

2. Earned Media

Earned media is a powerful way to give your brand credibility and build brand awareness. Earned media is basically public relations.

Reach out to industry publications and blogs for coverage. You need to have a unique selling angle to get people to cover your business.

Host a community event and invite local reporters to cover it. Use a resource like Help a Reporter Out. You’ll get reporters looking for experts and sources.

You can position yourself as an expert and get coverage in important publications.

3. Promotional Products

Promotional products are an inexpensive way to build brand awareness. They can even create a revenue stream with the right product selection.

Give promotional products away to employees. Use a platform like the one found here to set up a rewards program and make employee onboarding special.

4. Social Media

Social media is another way to create brand awareness. It’s hard to get right because marketers tend to post without a brand awareness strategy.

This is where your messaging becomes critical. Each post should support your key messages.

Companies that emphasize service can highlight the customer experience or customer support employees.

5. Promote Consistently

Consistency is critical to your brand awareness strategy. Everything about your content has to be consistent. They should share the same look and feel.

You also have to promote your brand on a consistent basis. Marketers post consistently for a short period of time. They get busy and promote when things are quiet.

You lose your brand awareness momentum each time you stop. You need to find a way to schedule and post content regularly.

Build Brand Awareness Today

If building brand awareness was easy, every single business would do it. It’s actually more difficult than you realize.

The tips in this article will help you build brand awareness. Be sure to know what your brand is and use some of the methods here to promote your brand.

For more marketing tips, be sure to check out the Business section of this site.

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