Everything You Need to Know About Lean Six Sigma

If reducing costs and increasing productivity is of any interest to you, then you’ve likely already encountered Lean Six Sigma. It’s not immediately obvious exactly what it is, but the stats definitely tell you everything you need to know.

Here’s a statistic to consider. A fully qualified Lean Six Sigma-trained employee can potentially expect to save a company millions of dollars!

You might be thinking those numbers are impossible. When you learn a little more about what Six Sigma is though, it begins to become far more believable. The Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma systems are essentially dedicated to saving money.

What Is Lean Six Sigma?

To understand exactly what Lean Six Sigma is, we need to break it down into two parts.

We’ll start with the most esoteric component first, the “Six Sigma.”

The year was 1986, and the beginnings of Six Sigma were being pioneered at Motorola. Heading up this new concept was engineer Bill Smith. He was attempting to find new ways to optimize and improve manufacturing.

Without getting too wrapped in all of the engineering terminologies, Smith basically wished to do two things. He wanted to have as few defects as possible, with as much production output.

The “Lean” part of the Six Sigma strategy implies an extra emphasis on that optimization process.

Is It Worth Obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Certification?

It’s a term that every employer that has any level of involvement with production costs, quality control, or cost management will know.

There’s no “magic” around it, either. It’s all based on hard facts and data since the building blocks of Six Sigma are based around statistics.

Having experience with Lean Six Sigma means you or a potential employee will be bringing some applicable skills to the job.

It doesn’t even particularly matter what the final product is either, more quality control at better production costs is universally welcome. Not only does it speak of great team management, but increased team efficiency as well.

Obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Belt

How exactly does one become Lean Six Sigma certified, I hear you ask?

We’ve made it all sound fairly simple, but there are actually incredibly complex techniques to learn. That’s why a teaching service that offers multiple levels in their course selection is so important.

That way you can work your way up to your black belt in process improvement!

There are plenty of avenues to get qualified online. The people over at are one great example.

Staying Aware of Business Trends

A Lean Six Sigma certification is without a doubt a useful tool to add to your belt. It’s a good example of why keeping up with all of the latest business trends and news is vital to keeping up with the pack.

Whether it’s brand-new business management strategies, ways to improve your own resume, or the latest tips for business owners, it’s always good to stay current!

Keep referring to our Biz section to stay clued up!

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