How to Hire the Best Cleaning Services for Your Business

You made a good investment when you hired an interior designer to design the layout of your commercial space. Each customer that walks in with their jaws dropped and eyes wide opened, confirms this.

However, imagine their faces when they explore your store with great excitement only to find dirtied tables and filthy carpets that smell like old gym shoes. Your store may look exquisite from the outside, but customers will learn the harsh truth as soon as they step in.

What good is a beautiful commercial space for your business if you do not keep it clean?

An easy fix to avoid customer disappointment and bad reviews on Yelp is to hire cleaning services. Here’s how you can vet commercial cleaning services to choose the best cleaning services for your business.

Ask Around for Recommendations

No matter how great a business is, at self-promotion, you likely don’t believe a word of what they say. Or, you don’t care about what they have to say. You want to hear from other consumers who’ve had direct experience with the business because these people tend to be more honest and unbiased in their reviews.

In your search for janitorial services for your business, try asking around the businesses around you to see if they use any and have any good recommendations. A shared cleaning service between your store and your neighbors’ may be able to earn both of you discounts on cleaning services.

Besides, clean businesses in the same vicinity help to attract more customers to the area. 

Inquire About Service Options

When you’re searching for terms like “cleaning services near me,” you may find a whole list of commercial cleaning services in your area. However, that does mean that all of them are fit for your business.

A restaurant and an office have two completely different sets of cleaning needs. Find cleaning services that cater to your type of business.

Another tip to keep in mind in terms of service options is to ask whether they have any cleaning packages. Do they have deals that help you save money when you hire their cleaning services a few times per month as opposed to a one-time clean?

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Ask For Quotes

When you’re shopping around for cleaning services for your business, always reach out for quotes. You want to find companies that offer competitive prices without skimping on the quality of work. 

If a cleaning company charges you for a simple consultation or when you ask for a quote, run! Run far from this company. Quotes are free, and they always will be. Find another cleaning company to do business with. 

Hire Cleaning Services To Improve Your Business

As a business owner, you have to realize that the few store associates you hire for part-time employment likely will not be able to keep your store completely clean. They have other tasks and responsibilities to attend to–ones you hired them for. Cleaning is the last on their list.

Instead, delegate the cleaning task to third-party cleaning services. This way, all parties can focus on what they’re good at, to keep your store operating at full efficiency.

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