The Most Profitable Small Businesses to Start in Canada

Small businesses are the backbone of any small town. They’re what give downtowns their charm, and they help bring in tourism, too. In fact, the term “small town business” probably gives you the warm and fuzzies and makes you want to head to the town square.

If you want to make an impact on your town, then you might be trying to come up with some small town business ideas that’ll bring in plenty of customers. You’re in luck! Read on for some awesome small business opportunities.


Every small town needs at least one high-quality bakery. They are easily one of the most charming additions to a town, especially if they’re placed right in the heart of the town square. 

Craft your bakery’s menu based on what the people in your town love to eat. Cupcakes and cookies are always a super popular choice. If your town has a large population of a certain ethnicity, consider creating a bakery that features that ethnicity’s favorite baked goods.

For example, Texas’s large Czech population led to the rise in kolache bakeries across the state. Small Jewish bakeries that feature challah bread, black and white cookies, and babka are always a hit. Be creative! 

Fitness Studio

When you’re starting a business, one of the first things you need to take into consideration is what your small town needs. For example, if your town has a town of mom and pop diners, then you would have a hard time competing with established businesses. One thing that is often not found in a small town, however, is a fitness studio!

Your fitness studio can serve any number of functions. Divvy up the spaces for yoga and pilates, or add a meditation room. If you think that your town would benefit from more rigorous fitness pursuits, make it a cycling studio.

The opportunities are limitless when it comes to physical fitness!


One of the best things to do in your spare time is to explore the shelves of your town’s independently owned bookstore. Oxford, Mississippi has Square Books, Brooklyn has Greenlight Bookstore, and Evanston, Illinois has Bookends and Beginnings. Why not add your own bookstore to the list of famously independent bookstores?

You can choose to sell new or used books or even both! Boost sales by allowing local artists to craft items to sell in your store, like bookmarks, coffee mugs, or even paintings. 

Get Started on These Small Town Business Ideas Today!

If you truly want to leave a lasting impression on your town, then utilizing one of these small town business ideas is a super effective way to do just that. Make your business as quirky or as charming as you’d like, and with a little marketing and word of mouth, you’ll be on the road to success. The only question left to ask is, what are you waiting for?

Loved this list of the best types of businesses to start in your small town? There’s plenty more where that came from! Check out the rest of our blog for tons of inspiration to help make your business a success!

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