What Are the Benefits of Walking to Work Every Day?

Did you know that around 145 million American adults include walking in their fitness routine? The CDC recommends that adults exercise for 150 minutes per week, but finding time and motivation to exercise can be hard. 

If you struggle to get enough exercise, walking is a great option. You can walk to the park, around your neighborhood, or to work each day. If you make walking part of your daily life, you will notice several different benefits. 

What are some of the benefits of walking to work? Keep reading to learn about the advantages of walking to work. 

Get in Better Shape

One of the biggest benefits of walking to work each day is getting in better shape. When you walk to work instead of driving, you will move your body, burn more calories, build muscles, and get regular exercise. 

After walking to work consistently, you may notice that you have more energy while at work and sleep better at night. Walking every day can help prevent serious illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

If you are looking for other ways to get active, you should consider biking to work. Like walking to work, there are several benefits of biking to work

Improve Mental Health

In addition to improving your physical health, if you walk to work every day you will improve your mental health. When you exercise, your body releases dopamine, which improves your mood and reduces stress. 

Many studies have found that spending time in nature can boost productivity, increase creativity, and increase happiness. Having better mental health can improve your performance at work and the quality of your life. 

Less Impact on the Environment

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, you should consider walking to work instead of driving. The longer your daily commute, the more emissions your vehicle will release in the environment. 

If you live in a city with a ton of traffic, you could release lots of emissions into the air while not even moving. For people that live in cities with traffic, walking may save you time. 

Save Money

Owning a car is expensive, so you can save money by walking to work. If you own a car, you have to pay for car payments, car insurance, gas, and parking if you live in a city. 

Some people choose to take public transportation instead of driving, but you will have to pay for the passes. While it may not seem like spending much money each day, over time the savings will add up. 

Is Walking to Work Right for You?

Walking every day is a great way to get in shape, improve your mental health, lessen your impact on the environment, and save money. If you are thinking about walking to work, keep these benefits in mind. 

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