Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare: Top 5 Tips

Do you have wisdom teeth? You might be one of the unlucky persons who have these molars that have no use. Data shows that about 60% of people are born with wisdom teeth. 

They can cause serious problems. At some point, you might need to have them removed. If you get them removed, you’ll need to undergo wisdom teeth removal aftercare. 

This is part of the process. Do you want to learn more about what the wisdom teeth recovery process is like? Read on to learn 5 tips that can help you with wisdom teeth healing. 

1. Manage Pain and Swelling

On the day of the wisdom teeth removal procedure, you can go home after it’s completed. You’ll need someone to drive you home because of the effects of the sedation. 

After the sedation starts to wear off, you might start to experience pain. You’ll need to manage the pain. You can do so with OTC painkillers

You might also experience swelling. To reduce the swelling, you can apply an ice pack to your face. It’s a good idea to have several of these on hand. 

Wrap the ice pack with a cloth. Apply it every 20 minutes, but make sure to take a 20-minute break in between. 

2. Stick to Soft Foods and Sip Your Drinks

You must change your diet after undergoing wisdom teeth surgery. Eat soft foods until you fully recover. This way you don’t have to chew much. 

Chewing too much can interfere with the blood clots and stitches. You don’t want this to happen as it can hinder your recovery. 

So what foods should you eat? Yogurt, soup, and apple sauce are great options. You can also eat mashed potatoes and pudding.

Don’t use a straw to drink liquid. You should take short sips from your cup. Avoid drinking alcohol and drinks that have caffeine. 

3. Don’t Smoke

If you’re a smoker, you must refrain from doing so. Smoking can interfere with wisdom teeth recovery. 

Blood clots can form following wisdom teeth surgery. These can form in the socket where the wisdom teeth used to be. Smoking can dislodge the blood clots. 

4. Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene after wisdom teeth removal is a must. On the day of the surgery, you shouldn’t brush or floss. 

You do have to rinse your mouth several times a day. Do this after eating. Rinsing with salt water helps to clean the wounds. 

5. Rest as Much as You Can

Resting is the best thing you can do to promote recovery. You should try to avoid strenuous activity. This means exercise is off-limits for a while. 

Thinking about getting your wisdom teeth removed? You might need to undergo oral surgery

Your Guide to Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare

Are you planning to undergo wisdom teeth removal? If so, you must know about wisdom teeth removal aftercare. These are the five tips you must follow to make sure you recover well. 

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