5 Tips for Reducing Premature Aging Skin

The recipe for maintaining youthful skin could be as close as your medicine cabinet or end table. Yes, you’ll have a better complexion as well as prevent premature wrinkles when you stick to the right skincare routine and products. 

Your skin is also a living organ. It changes over the long haul. Changing your skincare to oblige with these changes will keep your skin sound and looking fresh.

Why does your skin age faster and what can you do to prevent it? Keep reading to learn more.

Why Your Skin Age Fast

There are different reasons your skin may age faster. Aside from too much exposure to the sun, below are other reasons. 

Insufficient moisturizing

There are lots of benefits to moisturizing your skin daily. Apart from maintaining the outlook of your skin, it also helps it fight off premature aging. If you don’t moisturize enough, your skin could age prematurely. 

Not eating enough fat 

Do you know that low-fat diets are awful for your skin? Days are vital for the health of the skin. Ensure there is fat in your eating regimen. However, this doesn’t mean you should load up on plant oils. Bacon and liver pâté are better. They provide your skin with that shine of health.

Excessive use of sugar

Eating too much sugar can also make your skin age prematurely. This causes your elastin and collagen fibers to become fragile, frail, and inclined to breakage.

Premature use of collagen supplements

A lot of people misunderstand how collagen should be used, especially supplements. Your body produces enough collagen until you turn 30. You don’t need to take any collagen-boosting medicine if you are below 30 years.

Effective Ways to Prevent Premature Aging Skin

Premature aging skin can be prevented using different skincare methods. Here are five effective ways to avoid this skin issue.

Weekly exfoliation

Your skin routinely sheds dead cells. With this action, another layer is produced every 28 days. However, this process can slow down over time, prompting rough patches as well as a dull-looking appearance. One of the best ways to eliminate this development is to exfoliate your skin weekly. 

You may use a scrub that has round particles. This makes your skin less irritating. Please stay away from products made with plastic microbeads – they contaminate the environment. You may also apply it to your neck as well as your upper body for better treatment.

Rich face cream works wonder

Using a richer face cream is another great way to prevent your skin from aging prematurely. It also helps you maintain the health of your skin as you age.

Since oil organs can turn out to be less dynamic as you age, appropriately moisturizing will make a big difference in the appearance of your skin.

Switch up your regular face cream for a richer one. This simple act will give your youthful-looking skin – as it pumps up the deep crevices in your skin.

Shield your skin from the sun

Regardless of where you spend your day, and whether you need to run an errand or by the ocean side, you need to always protect yourself from the sun. Covering yourself up with sun-protective clothing or seeking shade are good ways to protect your skin. You can also protect the skin around your eye by wearing sunglasses whenever you’re exposed to the sun.

Another good way to protect yourself from the hot sun is to use sunscreen daily, especially in the parts of your skin that aren’t covered by clothing. Clothing with the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) label also offers great protection.

Use supplements

Yes, a pill could help you restore the dewiness of mature or aging skin. Omega-3s (also found in fish like salmon), will keep your skin supple. It can also cause a delay in your skin’s maturing process, it prevents premature aging.

What about if you don’t like fish or its products? Are there other options? You can take flaxseed oil or fish oil supplements. With them comes supple skin. They help you regenerate the skin’s lipids – they diminish in the body with time. Before using any supplement, consult your doctor.

Gentle face wash

In order to prevent premature aging skin in your facial region, always use a gentle face wash. This helps your skin become less oily and more sensitive as you age. You will also want to use a gentle face wash when you have acne.

Pick a gentle face wash that utilizes vital fatty acids to convey significant hydration. Green tea is also useful in battling harm from free radicals (compounds that affect cells).

Please avoid aggressive scrubbing to prevent irritation. Only apply gently in a circular motion.


Taking care of your skin is an ongoing process. Limit your sugar intake to prevent premature aging of your skin. Use the tips highlighted above to maintain glowing skin. Finally, the best mineral powder foundation in the market offers glowing skin. 

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