The Brief Guide That Makes Starting a Brewery Super Simple

Did you know that there are 8,642 breweries in the United States? Breweries’ market size of $30 billion is an important component of the overall beverage industry.

Are you a small business owner that’s considering starting a brewery? The demand for alcoholic beverages makes it an intriguing endeavor for many. But creating the best brewery or best beer company might seem too difficult.

The following guide will explain how starting your own successful brewery is simple if you follow the right steps. Read on to learn how you can easily start the brewery of your dreams.

Starting a Brewery Within Your Budget

Breweries typically cost between $500,000 to $1 million to start. However, that cost largely depends on the intended size of your brewery, production levels, and location.

Expect to deal with hidden fees and expenses that arise. These fees can often be sorted into major expenses and smaller expenses categories.

Consider building costs like rental fees and utilities. Ingredients, equipment costs, and staff salaries also contribute to regular fees. Visit to get a better idea of equipment prices.

Microbreweries are a cheaper alternative for first-time brewery owners. Beginners often gravitate towards craft beer breweries to avoid the high expenses of a full-scale brewery.

Build Your Brand

Choose a name that is meaningful and expresses the tone of your brewery. Choose a unique brewery name that stands out from your competitors.  Make sure it’s also simple to remember, spell, and pronounce.

Then, make sure your brewery’s name can be owned, trademarked, and the domain name and social media handles aren’t already taken. Choose a logo that fits your brewery’s theme. It should also be unique, simple, and memorable.

Choosing a Location

First, research your state’s laws and regulations for brewery locations. The location you choose also determines other factors like proximity to competitors and your venue type.

Think about the area or neighborhood you’re choosing for your brewery and who lives and works there. These factors might also help determine logos and other branding decisions.

Keep in mind that scalable locations are best for breweries to grow. You’ll eventually want to expand your brewery and it’s very expensive to move to another location.

Think about modern brewery trends when you design the layout of your building. For example, outdoor seating areas became a necessity in 2020 during the pandemic.

Think about the space needed for the taproom, the locations of brewing activities, and how much space you’ll dedicate to customer seating. Also, consider how many guests you plan to have in your building at a time.

Ready to Start Brewing?

Now you know how easy starting a brewery is with a little planning. Remember, work within your budget, put thought into your branding, choose a good location, and plan for growth.

We hope you start a successful brewery that produces the next great international beer, or that simply serves your local neighborhood! Check out the rest of our site for more great food and beverage industry news.

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