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How Do I Choose the Best ERP Software for My Particular Industry?

1 in 3 business owners believes that disorganization makes them less productive which is why 53% of businesses create a very organized workplace.

If your company is struggling to stay organized and complete operational tasks, something needs to change. Your current ERP software might not be cutting it.

So, how can you choose the best ERP software for your business? Keep reading to learn the main components to include in your decision.

Consider Your Business Needs

To choose the best ERP software, you have to consider your needs. The best ERP for chemical manufacturing won’t be the best for consulting firms.

Pinpoint the following things about your company to help you decide:

  • The pain points of your current system
  • Problems with clients or sales
  • Future projects for your business

If there are functionalities you like with your current system, find those same qualities in your new system so you don’t regress. Get points of view from others in the company who are going to benefit from the system as well.

Compare Costs

The best ERP solution is going to cost you, but the cost will be worth it. These are the costs associated with choosing and implementing a new ERP solution:

  • Implementation
  • Acquisition
  • Training
  • Updates

When you search for systems that have everything you need, you might come across more than one option. Compare costs to see which one offers the most bang for your buck.

Consider the long-term picture of ERP implementation. Evaluate the return on investment by counting improvement of sales and operational savings.

Think About User Adoption

No matter the type of industry you are in, great ERP software is easy for users to understand and adopt. You’ll likely be using this software for years to come so ease of use is a huge consideration.

Your new ERP should make business life easier but reaching that goal will require time and training. The ERP partner that you choose should offer support while your business is in the implementation process.

Consider Flexibility and Agility

A good ERP is something that will last the lifetime of your business ownership. But, when choosing an ERP system, you have to think about the short-term as well.

Your ERP system should be able to handle a new phase of development, the loss of a big client, and a new product. If you decide to advance your company, can your ERP keep up?

These are all flexible and agile considerations you’ll want to make.

The Key to Choosing the Best ERP Software

A small business owner needs to first consider their needs to figure out the best ERP software for their company. ERP solutions should make daily work operations easier, not harder.

Once you have your needs down, compare costs, consider ease of use, and choose a program that is flexible and agile.

The best ERP solution for your business is out there, you just have to be willing to look for the right components. For more advice on business, check out the other posts on our website.

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