From Field to Dispensary: The Cannabis Manufacturing Process

The cannabis retail market is worth more than $20 billion today. If you love this wonder plant, you can use it to earn a lot of revenue and help a lot of people. 

You first need to understand the process of taking the plant from seed to store shelves. We’re glad to teach you what you need to know. 

Keep reading to learn more about the cannabis manufacturing process. 

Invest in Some Quality Seeds

Quality cannabis begins with quality seeds. Research cannabis cultivation and genetics, and shop with companies that sell the best seeds. 

Decide whether you’d like to grow Indica, Sativa, or hybrid variety strains and whether you’d like to produce hemp CBD-based products. Your timetable for harvesting and planting cannabis will also depend on the strain that you’re growing. 

Store and preserve your seeds so that they’re effective once you’re ready to begin cultivation. 

Harvest and Treat Your Plants

After you’ve gone through the process of growing your cannabis, it’s time to harvest your yields. There’s an art and a process for harvesting cannabis successfully. 

Carefully inspect your cannabis plants to make sure that they’re free of pests and diseases. Flush your cannabis flowers a few weeks before harvesting them. 

Take the time to dry and trim your buds so that you preserve the trichomes and texture of the plant. 

Create Your Final Product

Decide on the end result that you’d like to get from your cannabis yields. If you’re going to sell cannabis flower for people to smoke, make sure you partition it out into different quantities. 

Dispensaries typically sell cannabis by the gram, eighth-ounce, quarter-ounce, half-ounce, or ounce. Store your cannabis for freshness so that your customers get spongy, pungent buds. Brainstorm marketing and branding for your cannabis flower so that they stand out on dispensary shelves. 

You might also look to manufacture some cannabis oil. This requires you to use an ethanol alcohol extraction process. Extraction strips the active chemicals from your plant so that you can condense them into an oil. 

This oil is potent and effective and hits the bloodstream in a different manner. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are popular today, so you might consider offering a CBD distillate option as well. 

Keep your environments sterile and stay consistent with the way you process your cannabis oil. 

Undergo Testing and Quality Control

Marijuana quality testing is a critical step toward getting your products to the market. You have to get your plants or oil laboratory tested for cleanliness and any dangerous chemicals. 

The lab test will also give you information on the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD content. After testing, double and triple-check your packaging and labels to make sure there are no errors. 

Optimize Your Cannabis Manufacturing

Master the cannabis manufacturing process so that you can get the best from your products. These tips will help you get your products to the masses so that you can begin earning revenue. 

It’s a thriving industry that has an ever-growing customer base. Use these tips and check back for more information about CBD and cannabis

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