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Adventure Travelers: 3 Places to Travel in 2022

With the pandemic raging, your backpack’s been getting dusty in the closet for the past couple of years. Travel restrictions here in the US and worldwide are easing up, so it’s time to hit the road!

Of course, the pandemic has changed how we travel, but 2022 promises to be a big year for adventure travelers, with sales up more than 20%.

Smaller groups and more isolated locations mean less risk, so adventurous travel is booming again. Let’s look at three great destinations that make dusting off your backpack in 2022 worthwhile.

France by Bike

Are you looking for overseas adventure travel?

How about a 260-mile bike route along France’s Seine River from Paris to Le Havre? That’s La Seine à Vélo, a new path through northern France. You’ll start at Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris and wind your way through everything from industrial areas to breathtaking rural landscapes.

Along the way, you’ll encounter history—stop by Château de Malmaison, which was home to the French government in the early 1800s. The Chateau was also home to Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine. 

You’ll be cycling through the landscapes that inspired some of the greatest French artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Victor Hugo. Take time to visit Claude Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny and the Museum of Impressionism.

And when you get thirsty and hungry, remember this is France. You’ll find culinary delights at the hundreds of cafes and restaurants along the route.

Take a Hike: the Caribbean to the Pacific

With its pristine beaches, incredible biodiversity, and wildlife, it’s not news that eco-tourists have been visiting Costa Rica for years. But not many people know that there’s a 174-mile hiking trail—El Camino de Costa Rica—stretching across the country from the Caribbean to the Pacific.

The trail leaves touristy adventure travels behind, winding its way through remote villages. Over its 16 stages, you’ll pass through the indigenous Cabecar’s homelands, protected natural preserves, crossing rivers and ranchlands.

You’ll encounter rainforests and cloud forests, but not much standard tourist infrastructure. Instead, local natives and a small network of micro-entrepreneurs provide the lodging, food, and other amenities along the route. 

Explore Death Valley’s Extremes

Are you looking for family travel adventures closer to home? Death Valley National Park offers an unbelievable number of extremes.

There’s Dantes View a mile up in the Black Mountains. Badwater Basin—the lowest point in the US at 282 feet below sea level—is another highlight. Book your stay at a top Death Valley resort with enough time to explore its incredible sights.

Don’t miss the Red Cathedral or Golden Canyon’s flood-carved rock valley. Be sure to catch the sunrise at Zabriskie Point and Artist’s Palette with pink, green, and yellow rocks.

Dormant volcanoes? Those are here, too! 

It’s Time for Adventure Travelers 

All you adventure travelers out there, stop hibernating, dust off your backpacks, and hit the road again—whether overseas or in the States!

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