What Are the Most Popular Cannabis Products in 2022?

Thanks to the legalization of recreational cannabis in over 18 US states and Canada, cannabis products are enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity. To see that much, just take a look at the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. While it was chic to own a vineyard or liquor brand in the past, modern celebrities are starting boutique cannabis lines instead.

But that surge in popularity is changing the way people use cannabis. And as a result, the way the industry handles cannabis production has had to change as well.

So to see the future of the business, take a look at these trending cannabis-related products.

1. As Smokables Are in Decline, Edibles Are Filling the Gap

One of the biggest shifts in the industry has been that the market for whole, smokeable cannabis flowers is in decline.

It’s not because cannabis itself is losing popularity. But rather, users are increasingly turning to edibles.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however.

Sure, anyone with an oven can make cannabis brownies at home. But the emerging market has introduced a whole slew of products like gummies, cookies, and even cannabis drinks. That the market is diversifying is allowing for more cannabis production jobs in areas like food and beverage production.

2. Sublingual Cannabis Products for the User on the Go

Edibles may have been around in a basic form for decades. But somewhat recent addition cannabis product design is the sublingual product.

At their most basic, these products manifest as tinctures: concentrated solutions applied under the tongue. Again, the technology to make tinctures has been around for a long time. A more novel innovation is sublingual strips.

If you’ve ever used a mouthwash breath strip, you understand the idea. It’s a convenient way for users to take cannabis with them on the go or for easy home use. Imagine never again needing to dig around looking for rolls, lighters, or the like.

3. Pre-rolls Will Become the Smoker’s Choice

While the market for full-flower cannabis is in a receding period, it remains popular overall. But one thing that has changed is the popularity of pre-rolls.

Pre-rolls are particularly attractive to the social smoker. Trying to pack bowls or hand-roll at a social gathering can be a nightmare. Keeping a few pre-rolls handy is a massive convenience.

It’s to the point that some smokers have taken to buying themselves machines to turn out pre-rolls on demand. If that sounds like an asset to you, then be sure to check out what could be the best pre-roll machine for personal use.

Trends Ebb and Flow With the Times

Something important to remember is that trends come and go every few years. So while edibles or tinctures are the most popular cannabis products right now, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see smokable cannabis disappear.

That said, young industries are more prone to radical shifts than others. So to stay up to date with all the developing trends, be sure to stay up to date with our latest business and lifestyle news.

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