How Much Do Golf Clubs Cost? A Quick Guide

Golf remains an incredibly popular sport in the U.S., as over 2.5 million kids were taking themselves to the courses or the range in 2019. The key piece of equipment needed in golf is the club, which can vary quite a bit in price. 

So how much do golf clubs cost? How do certain types of clubs differ in price? What should you expect to pay when purchasing golf clubs?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about the different types of golf clubs and their average costs.

So How Much Do Golf Clubs Cost?

You can probably find golf clubs at your local pawn shops or antique stores at an incredibly low price. Old putters often go for anywhere between $2 to $5.

However, other types of golf clubs tend to be priced much higher. Depending on the club, you’ll pay anywhere between $200 to $400 on any given purchase. Those made out of high-quality materials can run up to $600.

How much you end up paying depends on your specific needs at the moment. Those looking to put together a bag of clubs should look at purchasing a driver first.

These clubs offer a lot of power needed to launch golf balls down the course or range. Typically, drivers cost between $250 and $600.

It’s important to remember, however, that golf players invest a lot into their irons. Some pay up to a thousand dollars on their irons since they’re often used in a lot of harsh conditions.

Speaking of harsh conditions, your wedges need to be pretty high quality since you’ll need them to dig out of tall grass or sand traps. Thankfully, wedges aren’t too expensive, often hovering in the $100 to $150 range. 

How Many Golf Clubs Should I Carry in a Set?

Some might get intimidated when they see the higher prices on golf clubs since they’re probably looking to put together a solid set. As such, it’s important to note how many clubs should be in your set.

Some carry up to 20 in a set, which is rather cumbersome but can be done. A lot of professional competitions restrict players to just 14.

In terms of drivers, those with a high handicap may use a three or five wood since they’re likely to struggle with a true driver. If you want to improve your handicap, check out this article for more information. 

Keep in mind that you still need to make space for your wedges, putters, and other clubs. While you may not need more than one of each, it’s still important to keep the space open.

As such, a 14-club set runs to about $2,100 all told. This may sound like a lot, but chances are you’ll be collecting these clubs over time. Consider it a healthy investment to get started on your golfing journey. 

Understanding the Cost of the Best Golf Clubs

Answering “how much do golf clubs cost” depends a lot on what you’re looking for and your overall budget. Use this guide to help you gauge how much you’ll be paying, and start collecting the right clubs today!

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