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The Average Cost of Tree Removal: A Simple Guide

Broken, dead, or hanging trees are not just an eyesore, they also can be an accident waiting to happen when wind or a storm causes them to fall. 

Waiting to remove a dangerous tree can be more costly than the price of getting rid of it. So, if you have been putting off dealing with a tree in your yard now is the time to get started. 

Find out the cost of tree removal here. 

Factors Affecting Cost

Tree removal prices will vary depending on a few factors. This is mainly due to the risk involved, the hours needed to remove it, and the disposal of the tree. 

Other factors that determine how much to remove a tree will be are:

  • Tree Size
  • Type of Tree
  • Condition of the Tree
  • Placement of the Tree

Let’s go into more detail about how to determine your tree removal cost based on each factor. 

Tree Size

There usually is a cost per foot so a taller tree will have a higher price. The range could be anywhere from $8 a foot for trees under 30-feet and up to $15 per foot for taller trees. 

Type of Tree

Tree removal services like Treekingofli.com will typically base the price on the size, however, the type of tree can greatly affect this factor. Some trees have larger trunks and more branches. Others are more fragile or have intricate roots. 

Some cities may require certain types of trees to be relocated or disallow removal if they are a protected species. So, getting a permit may be necessary.

Condition of the Tree

Removing a tree will also depend on its condition. In some cases, a diseased or fallen tree will be cheaper to remove as it is easier to pull from the ground or is already is out of the ground. 

However, a diseased tree could pose a health threat to surrounding trees, so it may take extra care to contain the spread of its disease and cost more. 

Placement of the Tree

A tree removal company must take into consideration where the tree is located. This factor will affect how the tree is removed. For example, if it is close to your house or intertwined with another tree then precautions must be taken into account. 

The position of the tree may also cause its removal to be an emergency so immediate service is needed. Quick removal to avoid damage and injury may also affect the price. 

Finding Out the Exact Cost of Tree Removal

As you can see, the cost of tree removal will vary greatly. Finding the exact price can only occur if you get an expert to analyze your situation. They will be able to measure your tree, check for necessary permits, and access the conditions of the tree. 

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