How to Hire Freelance Writers for Your Business

Imagine trying to write all of the content for your website yourself. You spend hours trying to choose the right words, but you can’t get anyone to read your site or convert them into buyers.

To avoid a similar problem, you may want to hire freelance writers. That way, you can get the content your website deserves.

Read on to learn what you should do to choose the best freelancers.

Understand Content and Copy

First, you should understand the difference between content writing and copywriting. Content writing often involves writing blogs and social media captions.

On the other hand, copywriting is the style you want to use for sales pages and email marketing. You should know what type of writing you want before you start to hire freelance writers.

That way, you can look for specialists who know how to write in the proper style.

Write a Detailed Job Description

Next, you should write a good job description that outlines the tasks you’ll want the writer to complete. You can also list out any requirements, such as prior experience as a writer.

Then, you’ll be able to post the job opening on freelance writing boards and general job boards. Even if you don’t do that, you can use the job description when evaluating freelance candidates.

For example, you may use it to help list out interview questions. Or you can use the description to review someone’s resume or portfolio.

Read Multiple Samples

After you post the job online, you may get multiple proposals or applications. If you didn’t already, ask the writers who interest you to send a few samples of their work.

That way, you can get a feel for someone’s natural writing style. This is vital if you need to hire for a specific writing role, such as copywriting, because not all writers can do that type of job well.

You can ask for samples in the initial application or wait until later. Either way, be sure to review the writer’s work to ensure they’re good at writing and won’t make tons of silly mistakes.

Draft a Contract

Once you’re ready to hire freelance writers, you should draft a contract or hire a lawyer to do so. You can use the contract to outline the terms of the freelance agreement, such as pay and deadlines.

If you don’t want to deal with writing or enforcing a contract, consider using an agency. Plenty of agencies offer a blog writing service, but they handle the contracts and other administrative elements.

That way, all you have to focus on is placing your order for content and reviewing the work. If you’re busy, this is an excellent way to hire freelance writers without affecting your schedule too much.

Hire Freelance Writers the Right Way

Deciding to hire freelance writers is one thing, but actually hiring them is a whole other beast. Be sure to develop a good job description to help attract the best possible freelancers.

Then, read their samples to get an idea of the work someone can do. That will help you choose the right freelancer for your next project.

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