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The Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling in Spain

Spain is one of the Europes’s most visited countries for good reason.

A laid-back culture with great food, wine, many hours of sunshine, and time spent outside makes for a good life. 

The Spanish know how to enjoy life, and the locals tend to be incredibly friendly wherever you travel. 

However, before traveling in Spain, you should know about some local customs and culture. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to travel in Spain. 

Learn Some Local Language for Traveling in Spain 

If you want to enjoy your trip to the maximum, you’ll want to connect with local people. We travel to see new places, but also to meet new people!

While many people in Spain (especially in the tourism industry) speak English, learning a little local lingo will go a long way. The locals will see you’re trying to understand their language and culture. 

It’s good travel etiquette to learn some basics such as please, thank, and how to ask for directions and times. 

Make it your goal to learn some Spanish words before visiting Spain.

Understand Regional Differences

While Spanish (also known as Castellano) is spoken countrywide, there are many regional dialects and languages.

In different regions of the country, you will find four other languages: Catalan, Galician, Basque, and Aranese. Depending on where you travel to, learn some local words. For example, in Barcelona, they speak Catalan. 

Remember Siesta

One of the most well-known Spanish customs is siesta. Between 2 pm and 4 pm, most Spanish towns and cities close down for people to have lunch and an afternoon nap. 

This means opening times for shops, services, museums, and restaurants vary. Always check the opening time before turning up somewhere, as turning up mid-afternoon may disappoint you. 

Late Eating Times

Due to the late lunch culture, there are also late evening meal times in Spain. If you turn up at a restaurant at 7 pm, it will be empty, and there won’t be any atmosphere. Go back at 10 pm, however, and it will be buzzing. 

Life happens late in Spain so keep that in mind when booking places to go out and eat. 

If you prefer to eat earlier, why not stay in an all-inclusive destination where you can get food any time of day? Learn more about this all inclusive destination at different travel destinations in Spain here. 

You Don’t Need to Tip

Waiters in Spain are paid a living wage, so they don’t rely on tips to survive. It’s not obligatory to tip in Spain, but they appreciate it if you leave something for good service. 

Have Patience

The slower pace of life means it can take time to get things done in Spain. Don’t expect efficiency when shopping, visiting attractions, and using public transport! 

Spending time in Spain is an excellent lesson in patience and understanding. Things will get done eventually. 

Enjoy Your Trip to Spain 

Now you know more about some of the Spanish customs, you can relax and enjoy traveling in Spain. 

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