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5 Romantic Reasons to Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

A century before the first airplane flight, hot air balloons dominated the skies. Even the earliest balloon flights were intimate affairs that ended with a champagne toast. Today, a hot air balloon ride remains a romantic outing that can make any lover swoon!

It’s also one of our favorite recommendations when someone is looking for New Mexico or Arizona things to do! A hot air balloon ride in Arizona can transform the desert into a surprisingly stunning oasis. Meanwhile, a hot air balloon ride in Albuquerque is the perfect way to see the Rio Grande. 

Are you and your partner ready to see the stunning southwest from a new and beautiful vantage point? A hot air balloon ride costs very little but leads to incredible lifelong memories. 

Keep reading to learn five compelling reasons why you should give this old-fashioned pastime a try! 

Reason 1: It’s an Extraordinary Date

How many times can you take your partner out to the movies and a restaurant? If you’re looking for something truly different, hot air balloon rides are about as unique as you can get! They are equal parts tranquil and exhilarating because you never quite know where the wind will take you! 

Most balloon operators allow you to bring along champagne, or even a picnic! It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Reason 2: The Most Spectacular Selfies

If you’ve been documenting your relationship on social media, you should ask yourself if your selfies are starting to get stale. There is no sight more stunning than a selfie taken mid-air in a hot air balloon! Plus, if you’ve got short arms, the balloon’s captain can help you capture some perfect, romantic shots.

The non-selfie photos are also gorgeous. Snap a few pics of the balloon before take-off for a beautiful momento. Once you’re up in the air, the photos you take of the landscape will take your breath away. 

Reason 3: Mindfulness in Action

In the twenty-first century, everyone is busy. Even if you spend every night together, you’re probably both exhausted. Be honest: how much of your evening do you spend scrolling on your phone?

When you’re in a hot air balloon 3,000 feet above the ground, you have no choice but to be present. It’s the perfect way to slow down and experience real mindfulness. Up there, you can’t help but enjoy one another’s company!

Reason 4: A New Way To Feel

We’ll be honest—taking off and landing in a balloon can feel a little nerve-wracking! If you’re used to having your feet firmly on the ground, even flying can evoke some feelings!

A balloon ride is a way to feel something new together. An experienced operator from Aerogelic Ballooning or a similar company will keep you safe during your trip. 

Reason 5: It Doesn’t Get More Private

If you need some alone time, it doesn’t get more private than a hot air balloon! You’ll be 3,000 feet above the closest person (other than the captain). It’s a great place to be vulnerable, which is one of the keys to a deep, enduring relationship. 

Fall in Love With a Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride has it all: intimacy, stunning views, a little bit of fear, and the pleasant taste of champagne. A ride is a wonderful way for you and a partner to connect while enjoying the beautiful world around you. You’ll never forget the way you felt when you realize you were flying above the world with the one you love!

Are you on the lookout for more romantic adventures? Check out the rest of the blog for more posts to inspire your next getaway!

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