What Is the Best Google Keyword Planner Alternative?

Investing in SEO is worth your time. When closing a sale, you are eight times more likely to secure that customer if they found you via search than by other marketing means. 

But even when SEO is a good business bet, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you need to spend cash on it. Most small and startup businesses have strict budgets, and if you can save money, it makes sense to do so!

So to help you get ahead with SEO without breaking the bank, here is our guide to the best Google keyword planner alternatives that won’t cost you a dime. 


If you have followed SEO trends for some time, the name Neil Patel will be familiar. Patel is one of the world’s most respected SEO gurus and his SEO advice is always up to date and helpful.

Neil decided to create an SEO keyword planner tool known as Ubersuggest. You can type any keyword into Ubersuggest, and it will give you lots of valuable information for your SEO, including: 

  • Competitor ranks
  • Content suggestions
  • Backlink sources

Given the founder’s background, Ubersuggest is a fantastic tool for you to try. It’s free to sign up for, so you won’t be making any long-term commitment. 


Zutrix offers a range of SEO tools, including this free keyword planner. Zutrix is useful if you plan on running a paid ads campaign in the future, as the tool will indicate the cost per click figures for each keyword phrase you research. 

You’ll also get information on how your competitors perform for those keywords and the potential opportunity for each keyword.

Related keywords on the tool will help you develop other keyword ideas that you might not have jotted down during your initial research.

Another top free tool that’s worth exploring is Keywordtool. This tool works by exploiting the existing technology that Google provides—autocomplete—and turning this into meaningful data that you can use for your keyword research.

You’ll get “long-tail” keyword recommendations each time you use the tool. Long-tail keywords are more specific phrases that fit your target audience, and they are a great way to range a content page on your website. 

Keyword Surfer

Another name on our list of keyword planner tools is Keyword Surfer. Keyword Surfer pitches themselves as a strategic tool. It gives you powerful high-level support for your SEO and the steps you need to rank high on page one.

One helpful feature of Keyword Surfer is that it also enables you to link that SEO research back to your content strategy.

You’ll get recommendations on what content to write to rank for those keywords. You’ll also get helpful action steps to improve that content, such as increasing the word count to the optimum number. 

What’s the Best Google Keyword Planner Alternative?

Now that we’ve explored some exciting tools, what’s your preferred Google Keyword planner alternative? Whatever platform you choose, ensure you give SEO your full attention in 2022 if you want to get ahead of your competition!

Why not check out our SEO section to continue your SEO education right now? We got plenty more resources to help you become an expert.

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