From Seeds to Sprouting: How to Grow a Marijuana Plant

Did you know that, according to a Gallup poll conducted in 2021, almost half of Americans have now tried marijuana? With the growing number of states legalizing cannabis, it is more popular than ever as a solution to a myriad of different health problems.

Have you ever wondered how to grow a marijuana plant from the comfort of your own home? Here is a guide to answering all of your questions, including how long does it take to grow a marijuana plant and how to plant marijuana seeds.

Use the Correct Soil

Your cannabis seeds will only thrive if they are planted in the perfect soil environment. You need to make sure that the soil is rich in nutrients, with a pH level above six.

Soil texture should be light and airy so that nutrients can penetrate through and make it to the seeds and roots to encourage the plant to grow.

You can even buy soil specifically designed for cannabis plants, which contain the right amount of nutrients. If you find your plants a little lacking, you can also purchase soil boosters that contain extra food for your cannabis plants.

Indoor Climate

For the most controlled growing environment, it is best to stick to an indoor climate for your marijuana plant. During the growth phase, make sure that there is a lot of humidity. However, it is best to lower humidity when it is flowering so you do not have mold.

You should also continue to increase the temperature as the cannabis grows. Bringing in a fan can give your plants a stream of purified air as well.

Light is the most vital factor that contributes to healthy marijuana plants. Make sure that you buy lights that are high quality but also will not skyrocket your monthly energy bill.

Water is Key

You need to ensure that you do not under-water or over-water your plants when growing marijuana. Over-watering can result in mold, which will taint the final product.

However, under-watering means that you are not allowing your plants to get vital nutrients and hydration that they need to grow strong. A good indicator is that if the top of your soil is dry, you can water the plants. 

Harvest at the Perfect Time

Harvesting is key because you want to harvest when your plants are the most healthy. Ideally, when the leaves of the marijuana plants turn yellow, it is a good time to harvest.

The hair-like substance on the buds, also known as trichomes, is a good indicator as well. When these are amber or yellow, it produces the strongest high.

Learn How to Grow a Marijuana Plant

If you have ever wanted to learn how to grow a marijuana plant, you should not have to feel overwhelmed by the process. With this guide, you can excel at growing marijuana for all of your needs.

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