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4 Ways to Sign a Digital Document

So you’ve got to close the business deal and you’re eager to sign on the dotted line?

However, your printer isn’t working and your local print shop is closed for the holidays. So what do you do?

The best alternative is to sign your digital document. You can write your signature through your computer or mobile device and send it to your recipient within a few minutes.

So how do you sign a digital document?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Google Docs

Using Google’s free Google Docs service is one of the easiest ways to add an electronic signature a digital document. Your first step is to add your PDF to your Google Drive account.

Next, you want to convert the PDF to a Google Doc. This will take a few minutes and you might have to make a few adjustments to the formatting.

You can learn how to Google eSign and then share the link to the Google Doc with your recipient.

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Another simple way is to open your PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can use the “sign” method which you’ll find on the menu bar.

You’ll then have to write your signature using your mouse. Afterward, you can save this signature to the program. Next, click on the area where you have to sign.

You then click on “Fill and Sign” and then you’ll choose the digital signature you just created. It’ll get added to the area and you can adjust the size to your liking.

3. Preview

If you’re a Mac user then you’ll want to use Preview to sign your digital documents and store them for later use.

You’ll open your PDF using Preview. On the menu bar you’ll see a button that has a toolbox icon. Click on this button and then choose the “Sign” option that appears.

You’ll then get to write your digital signature using your Mac’s trackpad. After you add it, make sure you save the PDF to ensure that the signed contract gets saved.

Using Preview’s menu you can share the signed digital document directly with your recipient using email, messaging, and AirDrop.

4. SmallPDF

You can use the website SmallPDF to sign your digital document. You have to upload your PDF to the website and then choose to sign the PDF.

You can then write your electronic signature on the PDF and then download it once again. You’ll then have to use an email or messaging service to send the signed document to your recipient.

Now You Can Sign a Digital Document

Now you know the different ways to sign a digital document and send it to your recipient.

The best way is to use Google Docs to store your digital document. You can sign it using Google Docs and then share it directly with your recipient.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is great for signing a PDF and storing a signature for later. Preview does the same and has an integrated system for sending the digital document to your recipient.

SmallPDF was great for signing and saving a PDF. This is a great online option if you’re unable to use the software.

You can find more tips on going digital on our blog!

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