The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Air Compressors

Did you know that the industrial air compressor market is worth a staggering $14.8 Billion per year? Compressors play a big role in keeping many industries ticking over because they’re used in such a wide range of applications. 

You might be wondering what type of compressor is right for your business or personal use? Read on below for the ultimate guide to different types of air compressors.

Types of Air Compressors

Having the right type of air compressor will make the job easier for you. Having the wrong one and the job won’t get done in time. There are two main types of compressors, either a displacement compressor or a dynamic type compressor. 

Within those two types, you get either a compressor that runs on petrol, diesel, or gas. Each has its own benefits and power outputs. 

Piston Displacement Compressor

Displacement compressors are generally used in an industrial capacity, with a piston-type compressor being the most common. A good example is a bicycle pump, which is a great example.

The movement of a piston inside the barrel moves up and down, drawing air in. Once the air is drawn in, the same piston then pushes the air out. This act creates pressure in the cylinder, and more air can be pushed out.

This is, of course, a basic design, and you get more complex designs, but the basis remains the same. If you need a specific pressure or very high pressure, this type of compressor is a great pump to be able to achieve it.

A popular type of motor used in a piston compressor is a diesel motor. The very best diesel air compressor can be found here.

Rotor Displacement Compressor

The other type of displacement compressor is a double rotor compressor. The double rotors move simultaneously, and air collects between the rotors. While the rotors are moving, they create air pressure, and the air is forced out of the compressor.

The pressure will increase by the amount of air that enters between the rotors. This is a great type of compressor if you need a very specific amount of pressure all the time.

You do get a single rotor air compressor that works on the same function as a double-type rotor.

How to Choose Your Compressor

To choose the correct compressor, you have to know what the compressor will be used for and how much it will be used. If you need a small compressor that only needs to produce 10 bar pressure, then a small piston-type compressor would be a good option. 

The other thing to consider is fuel use. Should your compressor be working all day, then a diesel engine-powered compressor would be the most fuel-efficient option.

Keep Industry Moving

The advancements in different types of air compressors have made them more accessible and cheaper throughout the world. With so many options available, choosing the right compressor for your application is easier than ever.

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