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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Slack When Choosing Door Hardware

Did you know that there are roughly 5.6 million houses sold monthly? With so many homes constantly on the market, making sure yours is in the top condition possible is crucial. To this end, using the best door hardware is a necessity.

If you’ve been looking into front door hardware, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about interior door hardware and everything that good hardware improves.

1. Improved Safety

One of the most important parts of having the right door hardware is the safety it brings. Stock door fittings are sometimes picked for price rather than quality, which can lead to compromises in safety.

Apartment complexes are notorious for this. With so many doors to install, construction crews sometimes use lower-quality hardware. Unfortunately, substandard hardware is often vulnerable to breaking when put under strain.

Poor hardware can break under blunt force trauma, such as a simple kick to the door. Replace low-quality hardware with sturdier, safer options to keep your home safe.

2. Longer Life

Better hardware can also improve the lifespan of your pieces before they need to be replaced! If a fitting has worn away, your door might be rubbing against the wood of its frame. Issues like this can warp the frame and cause other problems that make the door need replacing.

It’s particularly important to have high-quality antique door hardware. Wearing your antiques down because you used bad hardware can ruin the entire door!

3. Better Aesthetics

Door hardware is more than just some metal pieces to throw on your door. Proper hardware can provide a gorgeous accent that draws your home together.

The runners you use as barn door hardware can have colors or designs that bring the interior of your home together. You can find more on methods to spruce up your door hardware than you can think of!

4. Protect Your Door

Your doors are susceptible to more damage than you may realize. Doors that lead to the exterior have to withstand all the elements your walls do. Even an interior door is sometimes damaged by issues like fluctuating temperatures.

Quality door hardware parts can help make sure your door is fully protected. Frame fittings, flush locks, and weatherstripping all help keep your door and home protected.

5. Perfect Fit

When the weather fitting of your door is damaged, your home begins leaking. Air conditioning and heating will flow out of your house, making your home less comfortable. It also will cause a drastic increase in your utility bill!

Keep your door hardware in top condition to keep your air where it belongs. Perfect fittings and uncompromised weatherstripping are two of the most important parts of your door!

Choosing Door Hardware

Using high-quality door hardware will help keep your doors protected. By doing so, you’ll increase the lifespan of your door and keep your power bill down. High-quality door hardware leads to a safer, more comfortable home!

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to browse our informative website.

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