How to Reduce Acne: 3 Top Tips

Are you dealing with stubborn acne? Acne can be an annoyance and it can also make one feel self-conscious when they are experiencing breakouts. However, there are many different things one can do to prevent acne. 

To find acne treatment methods that work for you, keep reading. Reduce acne to boost your confidence this year with this acne prevention guide. 

1. Have a Face Cleaning Routine 

One of the most important ways to prevent acne is to make sure that you are properly cleaning your face on a regular basis. Coming up with a face cleaning routine can help you make this a part of your daily life. Excess oils, dirt, and sweat collect on the face throughout the day and can lead to acne outbreaks if they are not properly removed. 

However, if you are not properly washing your face you can also cause skin issues. If you are washing your face too excessively, you can be stripping your natural oils. This can lead to increased levels of irritation which often results in acne.

Sticking to washing your face twice a day, likely in the morning and at night can be best, as can using the right products. 

Sticking to fragrant-free and sulfate-free facial cleaning products can allow for a gentle clean. When washing your face, use warm but not hot water. Then, apply a gentle cleanser and rub it in a soft circular motion with your fingers.

Avoid using washcloths to wash your face, as they may be too harsh on the skin. You want to rinse the product from your face thoroughly and then pat the skin dry. 

2. Know Your Skin Type 

The more you learn about your skin, the better you will be able to care for it. Skin types differ and therefore will have different product needs. If your skin often feels tight and flaky, you likely have dry skin whereas those who often have shiny skin have oily skin. 

Some have a combination of dry and oily skin. For example, you may only have oily skin in certain areas, such as your t-zone. This refers to the forehead, nose, and chin. 

If your skin is prone to redness and irritation, you may have sensitive skin. Check with a dermatologist for more info on the kind of products you should use to prevent outbreaks. 

3. Avoid Touching Your Face 

This one may seem difficult to avoid, but working to avoid touching your face throughout the day can be a great way to prevent acne. When you touch your face, you are putting all of the bacteria, dirt, and oily from your hands on your face. This can lead to acne and pimples. 

Reduce Acne With These Top Tips

If you’re hoping to prevent and reduce acne, you’re not alone. Many experience acne and other skin-related issues. Treatment options can differ from person to person.

Use the tips and tricks in this guide to feel better about the skin you are in starting today. 

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