Why Is There a Baby Formula Shortage 2022?

If you can’t find formula, you’re not alone! There’s a serious baby formula shortage, which has parents all over scrambling for solutions. 

The global baby formula shortage is happening at a time when the United States is experiencing an approximately 12 births per 1,000 people birth rate. This is a .09% increase over 2021. 

So what caused this formula shortage? We have the answers that you need. Read below to learn what you need to understand about the great formula shortage of 2022. 

The Supply Chain Is in Disarray

The shortage in baby formula is largely a result of the massive supply chain issues that the world has experienced all year. Companies and their fulfillment centers are experiencing overcrowding, late arrivals, worker shortages, and other problems.

The core ingredients used to make baby formula are also in short supply due to these supply chain issues. Companies simply haven’t been able to keep up with the demand as a result. 

There’s Not a Lot of Diversification in the Market

There’s a virtual monopoly in the baby formula industry. Abbott has controlled market share for decades, even when baby formulas are put out under different brands or labels. 

So when the same two or three companies control all of the market share, the entire market suffers whenever they do. Companies that control the baby formula market even have exclusive contracts with certain states and their Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) programs. 

Once the top brands are out of stock, most consumers don’t have options. 

There Have Been Massive Recalls

To make matters worse, the product itself has also been subject to recalls. A plant produced baby formula that was consumed by four infants, two of whom got sick with an infection, and two others died. 

The company pulls its products in a massive recall after these incidents, and this has been a huge contributor to the baby formula shortage. The facility had to close its doors pending review and inspections, which further added to supply chain problems. 

Bureaucracy Has Slowed the Process

Most of the issues found at the plant where the recalls took place were brought about due to a whistleblower report. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) didn’t act immediately after receiving the report. 

Swift action could have nipped many of the issues in the bud, rather than having to do a complete and thorough shut down and investigation later. 

The baby formula shortage has become a newsworthy issue, as it’s affecting so many families all over the world. Do your research so that you can discover more options for dealing with this shortage. 

The World Is Out of Formula

Now that you know more about the formula shortage of 2022, you can start making decisions that will help you find what you need. 

Explore all of your options and most importantly, stay tuned to any news related to the shortage so that you’re poised to act when more formula comes along. 

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