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5 Surprising Benefits to Playing Card Games

When you think about what to do to pass the time, more likely than not you’ll watch a movie or play video games. As fun as these forms of entertainment are, though, several studies have found links between prolonged screen time and poor health. Exposing yourself to connectivity for more than six hours per day may ironically lead to a sense of disconnectivity. This is why experts recommend taking breaks and returning to other activities that don’t require a screen, like card games. Not only are these games easy to prep, but quite a few card games also have surprising health benefits. Here’s a brief look at a few benefits to playing card games below:

Uno for a Healthier Form of Entertainment

Any activity involving computers, televisions, tablets, and smartphones are all examples of what’s known as near work. The more time spent doing near work, the higher the chances of getting near-sightedness, neck strain, and general fatigue. Too much screen exposure can also cause insomnia in the long run, as well as cases of night waking and shorter sleep duration. On the flip side, card games like Uno are a safe and easy way to bond with your loved ones. The dynamic nature of Uno will keep you entertained, and is a great way to spend an evening testing your brain and having fun at the same time. And as an added bonus you will be away from any screen.

Poker Helps You Manage Your Emotions

Some people struggle with handling emotions in general. There are those who fail to keep their own emotions in-check, and others who fail to gauge or read other people. Reading a beginner’s guide to poker will not only introduce you to the rules of this favorite pastime, but also show you that emotional control is a key part of playing the game. Bluffing and cold-reading are emotion-related tactics that are learned as you go about playing, and are skills that can help you improve as you play more and more. On the flip side, poor conduct while playing means the possibility of ‘tilting’ in poker, which refers to losing your ability to make sound, sensible decisions because of your strong emotions. Consequently, the more you play a game like poker, the better you’ll be able to control your emotions and think rationally in everyday life.

Cards Against Humanity Will Boosts Your Social Skills

Most card games require several players, so this means that while you’re playing, you’re also socializing and strengthening your relationships. And they is no better game for breaking the ice than Cards Against Humanity. You will be forced to speak throughout the game, and you will have a lot of fun as you reveal your darker side. It’s a great way to meet new people.

Blackjack Improves Cognitive Ability

Cards are good exercise for the brain, which could possibly stave off mental decline and dementia. A study found that playing memory flash-cards had significantly improved the cognitive performance of the participants. Blackjack requires players to use their memory in a similar manner as they need to remember which cards have come up. They also need to develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills in order to beat the bank. Playing card games like blackjack and poker regularly is a good exercise for your brain, which will, in turn, help maintain your mental sharpness.

Slapjack Promotes Hand-eye Coordination

Most card games also enhance hand-eye coordination or the ability to do activities that require the simultaneous use of both our hands and eyes. Playing any fast-paced game like slapjack requires quick thinking and a fast reaction time, which definitely aids in training one’s coordination. Even for slower-paced card games, the act of examining cards, shuffling, and dealing improves both fine and gross motor skills. Developing hand-eye coordination can also benefit how we carry out everyday tasks like typing, driving, and even cooking.

There’s a wide assortment of card games out there that are not only fun, but can also boost your mood, social skills, and overall wellness. So don’t be afraid to pick up a deck and start shuffling!

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